IMPORTANT: If you cannot connect on port 2000, try using port 2007.

                 '' (TNC) is a text-based game set in a fictional island chain in the Atlantic. Instead of graphics, players are encouraged to use their imaginations. The world and its characters are presented like an interactive book, each character developed and acted out by another player. Your actions, decisions create the story. In TNC, you decide what becomes of the game world. Live out any life you want. Run for politics and make decisions that affect the game's population, join the police and investigate crimes, or perhaps start a little trouble yourself. Run a business, start a family.

                 But be careful. Military coups, brutal war, deadly cults, and unexplainable horrors are just a few of the plagues that have engulfed our world.


                 You can begin playing by pointing your MUD client to, port 2000, or just click here to use our Java client.

                  If you wish to use the Wizard Front End, follow these instructions: 

1.  Download and install the Wizard Installer (wzinst.exe, 1890Kb)

2.  Download and install the Launcher software (lnchinst.exe, 186Kb)

3.  Choose one of the following formats to begin play:

MO Format  DR Format  GS Format  HX Format

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